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Bulgarian artificial intelligence platform changes car buying in the US

The automotive industry has faced serious challenges in recent years related to supply chains, changing consumer attitudes and hence the need for more effective communication between dealers and customers. A Bulgarian team of programmers is on its way to solving many of the industry's problems in the US, using the advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is made possible through a new platform created with the participation of Sirma Solutions PLC, the largest software company in the Bulgarian Sirma Group Holding, which enables automotive companies to transform their business using some of the most innovative software technologies available today.

The project took about a year of hard work, and the result is a flexible digital solution based on the Bocore and technology stack developed by Sirma Solutions plc. Created for the US Automotive Industry Communication Platform, the new solution allows innovative US automotive companies to make the most of the power of artificial intelligence, bringing together communication, technology and customer information on one screen.

The benefits of the platform

The new communication platform powered by artificial intelligence is a good helper for modern car dealers. Thanks to its intelligent impact, it transforms customer engagement, streamlines operations and optimizes more efficient decision-making. As an advanced AI-powered system, Sirma's platform improves sales performance both online and offline, unleashing their full potential. The success of the project creates new opportunities for the Bulgarian team, because the technology can also be used for solutions in other economic segments.

Using the platform, automotive companies can open up new growth opportunities, optimize their supply chains, improve their customer experience and thus gain a competitive advantage. It has built-in AI features such as personalized recommendations, anomaly detection, and dynamic content sharing that enable marketers to engage their customers more meaningfully and interactively and leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The technologies used

Bocore is Sirma's internal rapid software development framework based on Java/Spring and PostgreSQL technologies. It improves developer performance and reduces delivery times by as much as 30 percent. In addition,'s proprietary real-time data processing platform ensures that companies' vast amounts of data will be turned into business-valuable knowledge. In doing so, it helps automotive executives and teams make informed decisions in real time. This powerful combination of technologies enables the AI application to achieve high performance and provide customers with timely information and analytics.

"Building a dual ecosystem for our partners makes us realize the importance of connecting the digital and in-person experience. With this advanced artificial intelligence platform, we are solving key business challenges for automotive retailers and providing their customers with the most seamless car buying experience. Achieving all this gives us confidence that we are creating the future of high-end e-commerce," says Nikolay Kondikov, Director of Technology Services at Sirma Solutions plc.