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Thracian-Egyptian civilization is the focus of an exhibition in Sofia (INVITATION to see the Thracian Bible and the Orphic Gospel)

On 16 June at 18:30 in the Largo area of the Ancient Serdika complex in Sofia, the T-Science Institute, in partnership with the Thracian Mysteries Festival, will present for the first time the museum's exhibition "Thrako-Egyptian Civilization. Beginnings and Continuity", together with findings from the forthcoming Book VI of the series "The Thracian Letter Decoded".

The exposition will be opened with the performance of the Orfica Academy "Mystery of the Thracian Heros".

As part of the event, original artifacts from a period spanning over 4,000 years will be presented, inspiring mini-lectures and multimedia in sections:

The Thracian Bible. The Orphic Gospel 7000 years old
Treasures of the Thracian Mystery
Monuments of Linguistic and Religious Exchange between Thrace and Egypt
Written Heritage