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The Yagodina Cave now has internet, spectacular lighting and sound system

Yagodina cave is equipped with new spectacular lighting and sound, internet, video surveillance and video walls, reports Sergey Genchev from the Tourist Association "Rodopeya" - Yagodina. The new facilities for the third longest cave in Bulgaria were provided under the project "Modernization, promotion and exploitation of caves", funded under the INTERREG Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020 program, BTA reports.

In the karst dungeons 6 stations with telephone and internet connection have been installed, and the tourist route in the Yagodinska cave has been illuminated with new LED lamps. The spectacular lighting has halved the energy consumption for light in the dungeons. The 20 video cameras installed completely cover the visiting route. Internal telephony improves communication between guides leading groups through the underground galleries. The first video wall presents the Yagoda Cave and the tourist attractions of the region, while the second promotes the Alistrati Cave in Greece, which is also included in the activities of the Bulgarian-Greek project. The sound system in the cave halls features Rhodope music.

The funding for the equipment of the cave is nearly 150 000 euro. The leading partner of the Bulgarian-Greek MyCaves project is the municipality of Nea Zihni (Greece).

The Yagodinska Cave is one of the popular speleological attractions in the Rhodopes. It is 10.5 km long and the hiking route is 1250 m long. It attracts Bulgarian and foreign tourists with its beautiful galleries with karst formations and bizarre shapes. The cave maintains a constant temperature of 6 degrees. In the dungeons there is also a ritual hall where for years couples from home and abroad have been married.