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The National Museum of Military History organizes a tour of the Bulgarian rulers

The focus of the event will be Prince Alexander I, Tsar Ferdinand I and Tsar Boris III, as well as their role in the key events of the Third Bulgarian State, say the organizers.

Visitors will be able to take a close look at the box in which the address of the Grand National Assembly on the occasion of Alexander Battenberg's election as Bulgarian prince was kept, his ceremonial uniform, samples of the first Bulgarian Order of Valour. The museum team will tell who was the first head of state in the world to fly a plane, why Tsar Boris III was called "Unifier" and more.

On Sunday, July 30, the museum will host the educational game "Mission Scout." Participants will solve riddles to find out who the commander-in-chief in the family is and learn trivia about the Bulgarian army. The fastest ones to find the exact coordinates of one of the impressive fighting machines from the outdoor exhibition will be the first to enter and examine it from the inside, the NMMIS said.

The museum is launching a series of family weekends in early July. It also includes educational programmes such as "Animals at the Front", "Vasil Levski - Yesterday and Today", "The Bulgarian Middle Ages", "The Creation of the Bulgarian State" and the thematic museum tour "The Bulgarian Warlords".