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The Botanical Garden in Balchik celebrates its 68th birthday

Balchik. Today is the 68th anniversary of the establishment of the University Botanical Garden in Balchik. On this date in 1955, by order of the Minister of Culture, who at that time was also the principal of education, the Garden was established on the territory of the former summer residence of the Romanian Queen and under the leadership of the famous Bulgarian botanist Academician Daki Yordanov.

Today, 68 years later, the University Botanical Garden - Balchik, as a part of the University Botanical Gardens (Sofia, Varna and Balchik) at Sofia University "St. It is a member of the World Botanic Gardens Council (BGCI), the European Botanic Gardens Consortium (EBGC), the Botanic Gardens Environmental Education Network (EBGEN), the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS).

Since 1956, it has published its Index Seminum annually and participates with its collections in seed exchanges with botanic gardens worldwide. It has been designated a Rescue Centre under the Washington CITIES Convention, which controls trade in rare and endangered species. In 2005, it was designated a protected area under the Protected Areas Act, It was awarded the Order of Cyril and Methodius, 2nd Class for its services in promoting the achievements of biological science.

At present, the University Botanical Garden in Balchik covers almost 200 acres and includes the Architectural Park Complex "The Palace", the Nursery Garden, the Exposition Greenhouse and natural habitats of native vegetation. Plant collections of over 700 plant species are exhibited in the park. Over 570 species of warm-loving plants are grown in the greenhouses and nearly 3,700 species, subspecies and cultivars of cacti and other succulents are grown in the Exposition Greenhouse, of which over 1,500 species are CITES (Washington Convention) listed. Of the plants listed in the Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria, more than 550 are listed in the Red Data Book of the Republic of Bulgaria. Bulgaria", 27 species are found in the Balchik UGB, including water lily, sand lily, narrow-leaved peony, Dobrudja wormwood, wild carob, Rhodope's lily of the valley.

In the Botanical Garden in the town of. About 30 plant species described in the appendices of the Biodiversity Conservation Act are cultivated in the Botanical Garden of Balchik. In 1967, a natural landmark was declared on its territory - "Centenary Tree" White Poplar over 350 years old. The specimen is listed as a protected natural site in the Register of Ancient Trees. A specimen of Metasequoia, one of the first reintroduced specimens after the rediscovery of the species in 1941, is located in the Weeping Garden of the Balchik UGB. On the territory of the Botanical Garden in the town of. One of the oldest specimens of the species Evergreen Magnolia (over 110 years old) is also located in the Botanical Garden of Balchik. Other tree species of cultural and historical value such as the ancient ginkgo, candy tree, lilac tree, book tree, liquidambar are also successfully cultivated. The botanical garden in the town of The Balchik Botanical Garden exhibits seasonal collections of herbaceous flowering and foliage ornamental species in its park area, which are replaced three times a year (spring, summer, autumn).


Of particular interest to visitors is the collection of spring-flowering bulbous plants, which annually displays over 80 varieties of tulips. The Botanical Gardens team has prepared and printed a special publication to support the presentation and promotion of the bulb collections - the book "Tulip - A Botanical Guide".


The University Botanic Gardens, in this part and the Botanic Garden in the city of Lal. Balchik also publishes a bilingual magazine "Leaf. So far 10 issues have been published. Both publications can be purchased on site at the Botanic Garden.


Traditionally, the day is celebrated with a floral tribute to the work of Acad. Daki Yordanov on his memorial plaque in front of the Administrative Building of the University Botanical Garden.